What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

Not all teething necklaces are created equal. Some teething necklaces are better than others, and an Amber teething necklace is one of the best ones on the market today. If you want to find out what an Amber teething necklace is, then continue to read on.

What Is An Amber Teething Necklace?

What is an Amber Teething NecklaceAs the name suggests, an Amber teething necklace is a necklace that is meant for babies who are teething. This teething necklace is designed to provide a baby with natural pain relief when they are teething. The beads on the necklace are Baltic Amber beads, and this is why it is called an Amber necklace. Many people believe that Amber is a stone, but that is false because Amber is actually a resin. The beads are not large at all nor are they stone, and this is why the Amber necklaces are light in weight.

Now what you may not know is that an Amber teething necklace is not meant to be chewed on. Your baby will simply wear it around the neck, just like a normal necklace.

Amber teething necklaces also come in different colors, but all of the necklaces, regardless of color, the necklace will provide many benefits to a child who wears it. It is also worth noting that just because it is called a teething necklace, an Amber teething necklace can also be worn by adults, and not just babies who are teething.

Benefits Of Wearing An Amber Teething Necklace

There are many benefits of having your baby wear an Amber teething necklace. The benefits of wearing an Amber necklace are possible because of what happens when the beads have direct contact with the baby’s skin. When the Amber beads have direct contact with the child’s skin, succinic acid will absorb into the skin, and then the compound will start to circulate throughout the body. This compound will then provide soothing and pain relief for the teething baby. The acid is actually used to treat heartburn and acid reflux. As you know, a baby may experience acid reflux and heartburn while they are teething. This is because of the amount of saliva that is swallowed. If you put an Amber teething necklace on the child, then they will not have to worry about heartburn and acid reflux that sometimes comes with teething.

In addition to providing a reduction in teething pain, the necklace is also able to provide a boost to the immune system. This is because there are properties in the beads that will give a boost to the immune system. This will also help them get through the teething process with ease.

The beads are able to provide a child with pain relief because of the pain relieving properties that are in them. There are also natural ant-inflammatory properties. These properties are extremely safe, so you do not have to worry about whether or not the necklace can cause harm.

Many babies suffer from nappy rash and fevers, and an Amber teething necklace can help reduce nappy rash as well as fevers. Baltic Amber is also shown to help people with allergies and eczema, so if you have a child who suffers from such conditions, then simply get them an Amber teething necklace. An Amber teething necklace can also help treat the throat, which is great news for you if you have a teething child, because many babies’ throats become soar due to the crying and screaming they do while they are teething.


As you can see, an Amber teething necklace can help a baby throughout the teething process. Babies who wear an Amber teething necklace will love how it looks and parents will also love how the necklace looks on their child. If you are a parent and you want to make teething less painful for your baby, then you should get an Amber teething necklace. You will find that it will not take long for the benefits of the necklace to kick in.

If you do not want to give your baby any medicine when they are teething, then you need to get your child an Amber teething necklace today. They are affordable, look good and most importantly they work very well.